What to Expect From Your Inspection

Whether you are buying, selling, or maintaining your home, High Mark Home Inspection provides professional, quality service. Our licensed home inspector personally examines and inspects your home, explaining the general condition and specific systems with you and your agent. We discuss major issues, recommendations, and maintenance items. All this information will be detailed in an easy to read, modern report that will be available in HTML and/or PDF format. This comprehensive report will include the specific items we have discussed with images and even videos, if necessary, for reference.

FREE Thermal Scan

Whether you know it or not, everyone wants to have a home that is as efficient as possible. Why? Because ultimately it will save you MONEY. Let that hard earned cash stay in your bank account instead of paying to heat or cool the atmosphere. As a service to you, High Mark Home Inspection will include a thermal scan of your home with every inspection at no extra cost to you. If there is something found that could increase your homes efficiency we will let you know.